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I am Vani

Vani has launched and built over 100 brands, both local and global, in B2C, D2C, and B2B.

She is also a professor at Ashoka University, a mentor to many startups and many VC fund houses, and an advisor with KPMG.

She spent over 20 years with the big corporates like BBDO, Leo Burnett, Unilever, PepsiCo, Reckitt, and so on, and then established her own consulting practice where she has helped grow several young businesses by 40 to 60% in less than one year.

Vani’s Podcast, ‘Marketing With Vani’ is India’s No. 1 Podcast across Google, Jio Saavan, Gaana, Apple and Spotify.

About The Course

Who is it for?

Student (graduates/postgraduates): Vani teaches at Ashoka University, and a lot of students pursuing liberal arts have now decided to pursue a career in marketing instead.

Brand managers or young marketing professionals at startups or corporates: Just because you’re young, does not mean that you can’t contribute substantially to your organization's growth.

Marketing aspirants: You could be in R&D, sales, packaging, trade marketing, HR, finance,revenue management or any other function. Getting the fundamentals of marketing right can get you ahead faster and smarter.

Startup founders: Getting the fundamentals of marketing and brand management right is critical to getting any business off ground.

What can you expect to learn?

It's indeed the real deal - not the stuff taught in books.

None of what you’ll learn will be text-book gyaan.
We will only focus on real-world case studies in simple everyday Hinglish (no jargon, no marketing fancy words).

Some testimonials from students who have done courses with Vani:

"I think the amount of cognitive bias and psychology that goes into consumer behaviour is really interesting. I loved how Professor Vani unpacked the psychology behind these habits to help us contextualise the behaviour that consumers exhibit under different market conditions. "

Nitya Nair Barings Private Equity Partners

Sessions with Vani have been insightful. There was never a boring moment as the concepts were supported by interesting, real-life examples, and that is the best way to learn.

Arpan Paul Executive Chairman at SAJ Foods, Bisk Farm

I think what was unforgettable about the session was how Vani used several parallels of building actual brands and made us think of our own personal brand in that way. In the Indian context it's often hard to promote yourself and Vani shared with us actionable and encouraging tips to improve our profiles and posts with rich examples. Also what was interesting was an additional session on Gallup evaluations of our personalities for our career. I'm hoping to do a lot more thinking about my personal brand from now on.

Shalini Lahiri Marketing Tata CliQ

Super awesome session Vani! I having primarily worked with “traditional “ media for so long this cleared so many doubts and gave me a structure to think and plan campaigns!.

Shamik Debnath Sr. Marketing Manager, L’Oreal

I have attended all of Vani’s brand marketing sessions she’s had till now and each one has been a gem. From practical takeaways to deep insights, Vani shares it all in a very structured manner while giving you enough time to think about it and absorb it all. If you want to step up your marketing game, this is the ideal class for you.

Raksha Hegde Sr Communications Manager, Pilgrim

The session proved to be very helpful and realistic. Ma'am helped me understand various challenges in the field of marketing and guided me on how to overcome them. She suggested to me various pathways - how and from where I can start my marketing career. I would definitely recommend the session to others.

Namita Sinha Product Manager, Tata AIG Insurance

Vani has an enigmatic personality oozing creativity. She has really positive vibes and this more than anything else makes her session just a joy to attend. She leans in with the audience and engages and reiterates helps one connect the dots and internalise the entire session. The extent of research and hard work done comes through - she knows what she is talking about inside out.

Shalini Vijayagopalan Head Modern Trade, Britannia Industries

Vani went the extra mile by arranging a complimentary session with none other than, the legend, Shiv Shivkumar. Shiv brought in the finer aspects of Building a Personal Brand with real-life examples. Thank you, Shiv, your session was as lively and informative as it has always been. Thank you, Vani, for going beyond the brief. Really appreciate it. The participants shared a common thread and thus further enhanced the value for one another.

M RANGANATHAN Business Consultant

"I was a part of the Growth Marketing Course at IIM-C. It was one of the best sessions that I have ever attended. I have learned interesting things. Thank you for the session, and I surely know that I will have an edge over the other students. It will help me a lot in the future."

Nayan Nassa Great Lakes Institute of Management

"Thank you for the wonderful course. I believe there’s a lot to learn from your rich experience and would love to attend your future courses. I will be joining Unilever UFLP soon and hope to apply all that I have learned soon!"

Ridhima Manocha Unilever

Very well informative session.

Saibal Guha Brand Strategist for Engineering Services

Crisp and clear points, not too heavy on words

Abhay Sharma Ecom and MT, Mondelez International

Session was full of examples & real cases.

Vivek Bharti Marketing, Glanbia Performance Nutrition


    What is the course fee for one module?

    Each session recording is 1499/- only. There are packages available of 4 recordings at 4999/- and of 7 recordings at 8599/- only. With each package there is a complimentary session with an expert (Shashank Mehta of The Whole Truth, and Shiv, former CEO Pepsico India)

    What is the duration of one module?

    Each module will be covered in a 2-hour session.

    Who is the course designed for?

    Graduate students, brand managers, or young marketing professionals at start-ups or corporations, marketing aspirants, and start-up founders

    How will the course be taught?

    The course will be taught through recorded sessions conducted by Vani herself.

    How do I enrol in the course?

    You can enrol in the course by clicking on the 'Register Now' link provided right below.